Bachelors in Business Degree Programs

Welcome to our comprehensive directory of Bachelors in Business Degree programs. The school listings below contain all the online programs we could find, from 213 schools across the country.

Degree Overview

A bachelor’s degree in business is the key to a rewarding career – professionally and financially. A quick scan of jobs posted on and other job search sites shows that a bachelor’s degree is a requirement for any job in business above entry level.

With constantly evolving Web-based technologies, pursuing your bachelor’s degree in business online shouldn’t put you at a disadvantage when compared to campus-based students. According to a report by the Babson Survey Research Group, the majority of academic leaders rate online learning outcomes as the same or superior to face-to-face formats.

An online business degree may suit working professionals or those who have other obligations, in particular. The U.S. Department of Education reports that over 75 percent of people enrolled in distance learning programs work at least part time. A hybrid or campus-based program might be a better fit for those who want to practice leadership or presentation skills, or for those who perform better academically in a classroom environment.

School Profiles

Below, interviews Susan Gilbert, Dean of the School of Business and Management at Thomas Edison State College. In the video, she discusses why a business degree is crucial now. We also spoke with Dr. Ali Kara, Professor of Business Administration at Pennsylvania State University York Campus, about the online Bachelor of Science in Business degree program offered through Penn State World Campus. In the interview, Dr. Kara explains the various specializations that make this program unique, as well as the advantages of pursuing a degree online vs. on-campus.


Online bachelor’s degree business programs can have a general focus, such as business administration, or be geared toward a specialty such as such as sports management. For any bachelor’s degree, whether campus-based or online, you need to complete approximately 120 credit hours. Taking a full-time credit load will get you that degree in about four years. Because of the flexibility of online business programs, you may be able to exceed a full-time load and complete your degree in less time.

Looking for accreditation by a U.S. Department of Education-approved agency can help assure you that you have chosen a quality program. Beware of programs that offer generous credit for life experience, or those that require you to pay lump-sum tuition for your online business degree. According to the U.S Department of Education, this could be a sign of a ‘diploma mill.’

What courses will you take in a bachelor’s of business program?

A typical bachelor’s of business degree program will include courses in business strategy, operations planning and management, finance, marketing, human resource management and accounting. Many programs add information technology management and entrepreneurship. Beyond the functional areas, you will gain insight into business skills such as writing and communication, public speaking and presenting, working in a team, leadership, data analysis, strategic thinking, using technology for research, analysis and communication, and much more. Though every student gets exposure to all aspects of business, you will declare a major as you pursue this degree. You can concentrate in a particular area or interest based on your career goals, such as accounting, finance, marketing or information management.