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You’re here because you’re looking for the best place to get a solid business education. But we’re here to tell you that education is just the first rung on the ladder. No matter how good your professors are, no matter how updated the curriculum, no matter how cutting edge your capstone project is, the real world is going to have some real surprises waiting for you.

Education is only the first rung on the long ladder of your career. Experience is what keeps you climbing. Experience is the name of the game in business. It’s true everybody is looking to hire grads from the hottest B-schools. But it’s also true that your shiny new diploma means a lot less than the experience under your belt.

You’ve got the smarts and a natural acumen, but until the time you’ve got the kind of business wisdom that can only come from years of experience, you need the next best thing: hearing about it from someone else.

On this page, you’ll find words of wisdom from people who have already got where you want to go. Managers, professors, vice presidents, business owners… people who have spent time in the trenches and absorbed the lessons that the business world has taught them the hard way.

We have entrepreneur Scott Cooney, paving the way in the future of sustainable business models… Jef Bauer also has something to say, as a man with 23 years of the hardest kind of marketing there is—convincing people to swap money for nothing in the casino business… And John Ams, the Executive VP of the National Society of Accountants, lays out the realities of life behind a spreadsheet, along with some revelations that might surprise you.

These businesspeople have decades of experience, and they have taken time out of their busy days to share some thoughts and hard won lessons with you.

BusinessDegreeOnline.com recently spoke with Dr. James J. Zhang, a professor of sport management at the University of Florida and President of the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM). He is a leader in research on sports marketing and a former basketball player in the Chinese sport training system.

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James Zhang

Sport Marketer, University of Florida

BusinessDegreeOnline.com recently spoke with John G. Ams, Executive Vice President of the National Society of Accountants (NSA), an association which brings together professionals from all facets of accounting.

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John Ams

Executive Vice President, National Society of Accountants

BusinessDegreeOnline.com interviews Scott Cooney, MBA, principal of GreenBusinessOwner.com, a company that consults on sustainability in business. Scott is an entrepreneur with experience building small, mission-driven businesses and is also a speaker on “green” business. He is the author of Build a Green Small Business: Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur (McGraw-Hill).

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Scott Cooney

Eco-Entrepreneur, GreenBusinessOwner.com

BusinessDegreeOnline.com spoke with Jef Bauer, General Manager of MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa at Lake Tahoe. Bauer has 23 years of experience in gaming operations and marketing. He has been involved in the Golden Casino Group (Golden Mardi Gras, Golden Gates and Golden Gulch), Majestic Star Casinos and the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Casino.

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Jef Bauer

General Manager, MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa

BusinessDegreeOnline.com speaks with case interview expert and founder of Casequestions.com, Marc Cosentino. He has over 20 years experience helping business school students and graduates prepare for case interviews. His book, Case In Point, is now in its 10th edition. Marc is the former Associate Director of Career Services at Harvard.

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Mark Cosentino

Case Interview Expert, Casequestions.com

BusinessDegreeOnline.com interviewed Vic Maloof, member of the Brookwood Group, a firm specializing in strategic advisory services, development and construction program management, and planning and design consulting services. Vic earned degrees in both architecture and structural engineering and completed the advanced management program at Harvard Business School. His experience in construction management ranges from education and athletic facilities to corrections, health care and commercial properties, among others.

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Vic Maloof

Operations Management, Brookwood Group