Human Resource (HR) Degree in South Carolina

Forbes ranked South Carolina as having the eleventh best prospect for growth in the country in a 2014 analysis.  In addition, economists at the Darla Moore School of Business predicted in their December 2014 forecast that South Carolina’s steady economic growth would continue throughout 2015. 

These strong economic forecasts suggest that businesses in South Carolina will be hiring, placing a greater demand on HR professionals to ensure that these companies hire and retain the best talent available. 

While experienced HR professionals are highly paid, data from the US Department of Labor indicates that entry-level labor relations specialists in South Carolina are also very well compensated compared to their colleagues throughout the country as a whole.  Labor relations specialists in the bottom 10% of their salary range earned an average of 80.8% more than the national average for this occupation according to the US Department of Labor.

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HR Degrees Available Through Private Universities and State Schools in South Carolina

South Carolina’s business professionals can choose from a number of HR management degree programs through the state’s many private universities and state schools, both online and classroom based.

Associate’s Degrees in Human Resources – Designed for those preparing to become HR assistants, compensation specialists, payroll assistants, and more:

Associate of Science in HR Management—Charleston (Online)

  • 96 quarter credit hour program

Bachelor’s Degrees in Human Resources - Designed for those preparing to become HR managers, recruiters, labor relations specialists and more:

Bachelor in HR Management—Gaffney (Online option)

  • 123 credit hour minimum
  • Many partner corporations offer grants to their students enrolled in this program

Bachelor of Science in Management—HR Emphasis

  • 120 credit hour program
  • Society for Human Resource Management chapter

Bachelor of Organizational Leadership – HR Administration concentration—Anderson (Online)

  • 120 credit hour program

Master’s Degree in Human Resources - Designed for those preparing to become HR managers, HR directors or training and development managers and more:

Master of HR—Columbia

  • Does not require an undergrad HR degree
  • At least 30 credit hours
  • Option to get a JD concurrently

MBA with a Concentration in Human Resource Management – Designed for those preparing to become HR Directors or VPs

MBA with a concentration in HR Management—Columbia (Online)

  • Does not require an undergrad HR degree
  • 48 credit hour minimum program

South Carolina’s Top Employers of HR Professionals

The South Carolina Department of Commerce reported a number of notable business expansions in the state in 2015.  For instance, Shaw Industries, Inc. is investing at least $45 million in a carpet fiber plant in Lexington County.  Aran Packaging established its first US operation in Greenville County, and OMP Mechtron will be establishing a new facility in Lexington County. All the endeavors are expected to result in increased hiring, which will drive the demand for the HR professionals responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and managing a growing workforce.

The US Department of Labor provides a list of the largest employers of HR professionals in South Carolina as of 2014 along with their total number of employees:

  • Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston - 12,000
  • Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville - 7,500
  • BMW Manufacturing Company in Greer - 7,000
  • Palmetto Health Richland in Columbia - 6,000
  • McLeod Health in Florence - 5,000
  • Spartanburg Regional Healthcare in Spartanburg - 5,000
  • Baldor Electric Company in Greenville - 4,600
  • Piggly Wiggly (Corporate HQ) in North Charleston - 4,001
  • Anderson Medical Health Women’s and Children’s            - 4,000
  • Ben Arnold Beverage Company (Corporate HQ) in Ridgeway - 4,000                              

Human Resources Salary Ranges in South Carolina

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides the salaries for a number of HR positions in South Carolina as of 2014.  The values shown here range from the starting salaries at the bottom 10% (typically entry-level professionals) to the salaries of the top 10% (typically experienced professionals):

  • Human Resource Managers: $53,620 - $149,340
  • Training and Development Managers: $53,260 - $166,180
  • Human Resources Specialists: $29,300 - $83,410
  • Labor Relations Specialists: $32,440 - $101,120
  • Compensation, Benefits and Job Analysis Specialists: $31,180 - $82,440
  • Training and Development Specialists: $28,320 - $89,950
  • Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks: $24,960 - $50,940
  • Human Resources Assistants, Except Payroll and Timekeeping: $24,350 - $47,820

Job Growth Projections for HR Positions in South Carolina

The number jobs in professional and business services in South Carolina increased by 12,800 between July 2014 and July 2015 according to an August 2015 analysis conducted by the state’s Department of Employment and Workforce.  This increase represented the largest rate of growth in the state for industries not related to agriculture. 

Since HR professionals are part of this category, the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce predicts steady growth in a number of HR positions between 2012 and 2022:

  • Human Resource Managers: 13%                                   
  • Training and Development Managers: 13%           
  • Human Resources Specialists: 9%
  • Compensation, Benefits and Job Analysis Specialists: 6%
  • Training and Development Specialists: 16%                       
  • Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks: 13%

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