Finance Degree for Jobs in South Dakota

Finance majors in South Dakota are in the unique position to pursue careers in the financial services industry or explore extensive opportunities in agribusiness banking and corporate finance. In fact, Great Western Bank in Sioux Falls has been involved in agribusiness for nearly 80 years, offering strategic loans to provincial farming suppliers and producers, while major asset management firms with a presence in the state create jobs for brokers, analysts and advisors. 

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Degrees Available to Finance Majors in South Dakota

An undergraduate or graduate degree in finance will help prepare you for the challenges and opportunities involved in pursuing a career in banking, financial services or corporate finance. South Dakota is home to several business colleges and universities offering online and traditional campus-based programs for finance majors:

Bachelor’s Degrees in Finance  Designed for financial specialists, series 7 licensed stockbrokers, series 65 licensed investment advisors and more:

  • Bachelor of Science in Finance
    • Located in Dickinson
    • 69 hour hours
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Financial Planning and Wealth Management
    • Located in Jamestown
    • 56 semester hours
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) with a Major in Finance
    • Located in Minot
    • 120 hours
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance
    • Located in Vermillion
    • Online option
    • 120 degree hours

Master’s Degrees in Finance  Designed for aspiring financial managers, loan officers, bank managers and more:

  • Master of Science (MS) in Banking and Financial Services
    • Located in Aberdeen
    • 36 hours

Local Employers in the Banking and Financial Services Sector

South Dakota’s top locally based employers in the finance industry include several banking institutions that offer everything from insurance to agribusiness loans to wealth management services:

  • MetaBank in Sioux Falls – Banking and insurance
  • First National Bank South Dakota in Yankton – Banking and insurance
  • First PREMIER Bank in Sioux Falls – Community banking and financing
  • Great Western Bank in Sioux Falls – Banking, agribusiness, and wealth management

Income Ranges for South Dakota’s Finance Professionals

South Dakota’s financial professionals have the opportunity to secure high-paying jobs, earning wages into the six-figure range. In particular, the state’s top stock brokers and financial examiners average more than $208,000 per year.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports wages for finance professionals in South Dakota as of 2016, representing the bottom 10%, the overall average, and the top 10%:

  • Financial Managers – $85,480; $134,380; $199,000
  • Accountants and Auditors – $43,850; $64,040; $90,880
  • Budget Analysts – $43,490; $60,880; $80,380
  • Financial Analysts – $44,780; $70,330; $102,200
  • Personal Financial Advisors – $42,240; $82,540; $136,800
  • Financial Examiners – $37,080; $97,780; $208,000*
  • Loan Officers – $44,100; $65,290; $91,980
  • Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents (Stockbrokers) – $29,420; $96,190; $206,740

*Value is equal to or greater than $208,000 a year.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics does not report income higher than this value.

Job Growth Projections for South Dakota’s Finance Professionals

Aspiring financial professionals can look forward to increased opportunities in South Dakota in the coming years. The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation projects strong job growth for the following professions (projection period is 2014 to 2024):

  • Personal Financial Advisors – 19% growth
  • Loan Officers – 13% growth
  • Accountants and Auditors – 12% growth
  • Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents (Stockbrokers) – 11% growth
  • Financial Examiners – 10% growth
  • Financial Analysts – 9% growth
  • Financial Managers – 9% growth
  • Budget Analysts – 4% growth


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